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Gimp VS Photoshop: which is better?

gimp o photoshop cual es mejor

I clarify I’m not a professional designer but I used to design for my workplace upon need with Photoshop if needed. After leaving my job I returned to Linux and started to learn Gimp in case i’ll need to touch images, it changed a lot since last time I used …

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Zerodium pays $45.000 to hackers creating zero days exploits

zerodium applicacion process

Zerodium is rewarding users finding security holes including functional a functional exploit, a full  analysis and instructions to compile and run the exploit. Zerodium is taking a week to evaluate the applications. The proposal is for distributions Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora. The company is known for already paying 1 million reward …

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Linuxhint.com, the best English Linux website to learn from.

blog linuxito

LinuxHint.com is the best Linux tutorials producing updated training website. Focused on ArchLInux, Ubuntu and CentOS LinuxHInt even guides through Tesseract’s installation and training. through written articles and video tutorials. Ivan Vanney, a Linux Institute collaborator  also contributes with LinuxHint tutorials, that’s why we have chosen this site to quote …

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