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Free SSL Encryption with sslforfree.com certificate

Few days ago, I saw a nice explanation on TLS and SSL by LinuxHint.com.
Among the first posts of this website I also wrote an article talking about different alternatives to secure our websites and blogs with SSL for free.

Today we’ll see how to secure our website with sslforfree.com.

Using the Command line:

  1. Go to sslforfree.com and input your domain name (with or without www) and click on the green “Create Free SSL Certificate” button.
    free ssl with sslforfree tutorial
  2. On the second step, we can choose between DNS or FTP domain confirmation.A) By choosing the FTP option, we’ll need to create files and directories within the domain’s
    root directory:
    By choosing the DNS confirmation option, we’ll need to create TXT records in our domain’s provider control panel.SSL for free tutorial

The FTP is the faster method since you don’t need to wait for records propagation or update.

  1. Once you confirmed the domain you’ll need to click on the “DOWNLOAD SSL Certificate” green button, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE CSR, CHECKMARK “I have my Own CSR” option and copy your CSR in the box! As shown in the following image:



openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout linuxinstitute.key -out linuxinstitute.csr

(Where “linuxinstitute” type your domain)

Fill the requested information and open the csr file with any text editor, the content is what we paste in the box shown in the third step’s image.

  1. Once requested, the CSR is correct, sslforfree.com will show your certificate, you can copy paste or download it.

Check how to encrypt your website for free using Lets Encrypt on LinuxHint.com


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