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Install Free SSL Certificates on your Website

SSL Certificates are not longer relevant for security concerns only.
Google already announced it’s policy to priorize websites with SSL over unencrypted websites independently of their utility, which means, commercial transactions or information exchange are not longer a must for google to consider SSL as necessary.

Fourtunately there are different ways to secure your site with SSL for free.


StartSSL, by the Israeli NGO Startcom was the first to provide free SSL certificates. A year ago StartSSL stopped providing free certificates due technical problems, but it seems they restarted providing it. StartSSL provide a LEVEL 1 Class certificate for free, enough to encrypt your website communication, increase the legitimacy of your website both before users and search engines.



SSLforFREE.com became my favorite free SSL provider due it’s easy installation, in contrast to StartSSL you can confirm your domain ownership both by FTP or DNS, users don’t need to register and the whole process is sumarized in 4 clicks.



LetsEncrypt became the most popular free SSL provider, this is the last of the list because it is the only one I couldn’t try due it’s limitation to specific hosting providers (many of them including the most popular ones but not the ones I used).
LetsEncryt is supported by market’s monsters like Cisco, Mozilla, Chrome, Facebook among many others, something which in contrast with StartSSL can guarantee us the continuity of the service.


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