Friends are our biggest pride, among them we find Linux Career from Argentina directed by the prominent Linux educator and free software activist Fabian Ampalio. Linux Career is the only entity providing academic certification to Linux Professionals.
Additionally we are proud of our partnership with Tecnologic Team, association headed by Erik Poveda Diaz whose website Linux Español is funded and supported by Linux Institute.


Argentina’s Linux Career is the most prestigious Linux training center among hispanic countries.
nstituto LInux / Carrera Linux Argentina es el centro de formación de profesionales de Linux de mayor prestigio entre los paises de habla hispana. Agraciado con la tutoria activista por el software libre Fabian Ampalio entre otros grandes linuxeros y dirigido durante decadas por Andrea Paul Garcia, responsable de un nuevo nivel en la formación online de administradores de sistemas y expertos en seguridad.




A Spanish national association, headed by Erik Poveda Diaz, focused on free software & hardware, IT Security, new technologies and development. We provide technical support to local open source initiatives, carry out community projects and spread knowledge on open source.







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