The starting of the modern website.

      Comments Off on The starting of the modern website. was the URL of the first project to provide official certification for Linux professionals.
On February 1999, Dan York announced, the first appearance of a program for Linux training and examination.
Evan Leibovitch took part of the technical issues, and the project which started being discussed in 1998 took only months to birth what today continues being the most “official” Linux certification: LPI.

The domain was widely promoted, and if I’m not wrong, every Linux user from these times heard about it.
Once I tried to go to LPI to check something about the examinations and I discovered the domain was unused, I was surprised and I started checking all it’s characteristics to discover it was used  for spam from China, and was penalized by Google, removed from the results at all.
I felt sorry for that old domain I considered historical, the first project for Linux Certification which later evolved to LPI.

I bought domain and started checking with Google agents how to remove the penalization. In contrast to what many say, Google agents were really efficient, wishing to help, and they didn’t make the process so difficult as I expected after reading about the procedures, they only asked for evidence of legitimate content and security checks of the infrastructure where the site is hosted, this process was really fast and I’m very grateful to the Google agents who took care of my case.

Now you know why this website exists, I really hope these Chinese spammers gave me the opportunity to give something to the Open Source community, you’ll decide it.

UPDATE: After the penalization was removed, I kept without seeing the domain on google for around a month, I was told on Google’s forum it may take few weeks.

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