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New Users Guide To Linux Distribution Options

open_source_business_thumb230Finding the right Linux distribution is not easy because there are hundreds of varieties. While large number of options makes it overwhelming, finding the right Linux is not as difficult as it seems. Following guide will prove helpful in choosing the right distribution. It is better to use a distro that has support of a large number of developers. An OS that has a large user base and commitment of regular upgrades from an established company is the best bet. At the same time, there is no need to limit only with a popular option; other options can also be tried.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a Linux distro is to first assess the requirements. A distribution that is suitable for personal users is not the right choice for enterprise or embedded system use. Just because a name is very popular does not mean it is suitable for every type of requirement. Each Linux distro has been developed for a particular group of users. Only a few Linux distros like Ubuntu and Mint are suitable for general usage. While these options are used most, they are not necessarily suitable for every purpose.

A user first needs to decide whether the OS is needed for personal use or for enterprise purpose. Beginners who do not want to install Linux immediately on their hard disk can choose lighter Linux version that can be run from CD or USB memory stick. Some distros can be installed as an application in Windows. Individuals interested in switching from Windows OS to Linux should choose a popular variety that has lots of similarities with the Windows interface, styles, features and functioning. Linux is based on free software distribution model so there is lots of flexibility to users. Most Linux distros can be modified and customized according to specific requirements. Individuals who are new to Linux should choose a distro that has an active community of developers and users.

Following are some well-known Linux distribution:

It is a great distribution for beginners. It is simple to use, has a strong community of users and is maintained well. Even though it was introduced just a few years back, the project has been most successful among all available Linux options. It comes with some standard application programs that allow a new user to immediately start using it for basic computer needs. The developer team associated with this OS spends lots of time and resources to make it user friendly. It is suitable for both desktop and laptop. Some offshoots of this OS include Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu. The problem includes frequent changes and lack of Debian compatibility.

Based on Ubuntu, it is a very popular desktop Linux distro. There is a large collection of general application programs, tools and packages. It comes with a variety of multimedia codecs that are missing in larger distributions. The downside of this distro is that security advisories are not issued and there is no fixed release schedule.

This Linux distro comes with a large number of software packages. It is very stable and has good quality control. The problem with it is that it is not updated quickly enough. Users looking for the latest technologies and packages have to continue using older version.

It comes with good security features, support for many packages, lots of innovative features, virtualization technologies and many enterprise features. It has professional environment and suitable for serious Linux users. It has less desktop usability and is inclined towards enterprise users.

It offers lots of flexibility in its configuration. It comes with better package manager, system administration utility and excellent documentation. Compared to other distros, it is somewhat resource heavy and not suitable for netbook.

It is liked well by diehard Linux users. It can be installed from scratch using just command line. The user initially gets a command line from where the whole desktop environment, applications and drivers are installed. It is a highly customizable Linux distribution. The user can keep it minimal or feature-heavy, depending on the requirement. Occasionally, it can be unstable.

With its roots coming out of Mandriva and having user-friendly features, PCLinuxOS supports many popular applications including browser plug-ins and multimedia playback. It has a rolling release which means it is always up to date. At the same time, it has small user base and occasionally faces development problems.

Users wanting to run a light Linux OS from CD can use this option. It is light on resources and offers speed and customization. It is not suitable for hard disk installation.

Each Linux distribution offers its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know that many Windows program cannot be run in Linux environment without using some virtualization program. Linux is good for people who want to avoid the risks of viruses, malwares and frequent crashes.

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Why Shift To Linux?

Everyone wants the pc to be fast efficient and up to date. That is why one may shift from one operating system to another just to get results. Operating system providers such as Microsoft, Linux and other providers strive to attain efficiency. While most users use windows as their preferred system, there are reasons as to why they should adopt the Linux as an alternative to windows.
Linux-InsideOne is the fact that Linux is free. Everyone wants to get value for his or her money and Linux guarantees that. Why pay for software when you can get it free. Microsoft window license cost between 50 and 150 dollars, Linux on the other hand is a free system. Clearly, everyone should try learning Linux and enjoy its benefits at the lowest cost available. For windows, the license given allows just one user to use windows system but Linux license covers as many users as you want. This aspect also reduces cost, as you do not have to purchase many licenses.
Then there is the software bit. Also referred to as Linux distributions. Software ease carrying out of tasks in the pc’s and Linux does not fall short of software. Those found in Linux are more efficient since they have more features than those found in windows. Most of this software can be obtained free since they are open source software. This means they can be modified to suit specific needs of the client. If you happen to know programming languages then this is the operating system for you since you can change the features of this software with that knowledge. This happens in Linux not any other. It is not just about customizing the software but also the different aspects of the operating system. You can tailor make the system when using Linux through the windows manager. This feature is not present in the windows or Mac.
The other reason is that Linux is compatible with a number of hardware. For example, those people with old machines can attest that Windows is incompatible with these old gadgets but try Linux for results. If there is an old machine stored in the store and you want to it then Linux is the system to go for. The Linux will act as a backup for the machine, a firewall, and a file server, the perfect definition of functionality. Linux operating software can support a variety of file systems available. As for the windows, they can only support a few of the file systems.
When comparing windows and Linux security, Linux is more secure than windows. Although both are vulnerable, Linux has more features that enhance security against the viruses and malware. Many argue that this may be because few people use it but still it is more secure. If a system is more secure then it means minimal costs will be spent on anti-viruses. These are the reasons as to why anyone would want to try to learn Linux and eventually shift to it. You will realize that windows will require frequent reboots to function properly. For Linux you do not have to reboot regularly, it can run for 24 hours for a couple of months without rebooting. This is the reason as to why many servers use Linux since it does not require frequent reboots.

As for the modification, Linux can be modified to suit the needs of the organization without problems or permission from the company. This is not the case for windows system. Modifications cannot be done without infringing on the copyrights and thus one has to wait for the company to make improvements to get a better version of the windows. If one tries to change the windows, it may result in a lawsuit.
LinuxVsWindowsOne may be worried about the support system for a not so popular Linux system. Resources on how to solve issues in Linux system are readily available. Content on how to learn Linux are adequate and in case the user encounters any problem the internet will provide a number of solutions. You know an operating system is efficient when it is capable of multi-tasking. When installing programs in windows one cannot operate other programs and at the same time, the installation is being done. One has to close all other programs. For Linux you can install a program and the same time run other programs. This shows the system is capable of multi-tasking.
There are a number of Linux distributions. These are variations in Linux that a user can adopt. What one requires is efficiency in daily operations. Having an operating system that delivers is a milestone is ensuring work and entertainment is achieved faster. These reasons clearly are convincing enough for anyone to try learning Linux. The learning process may take a while but once you learn then you will see results.

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Linux, My Freedom

Being in the IT field for over 15 years has afforded me the opportunity to experience many different areas of technology.  I have been passionate about the technology since before I can remember.

Linux has always been my passion and offers me the freedom of choice I just don’t get with Microsoft. Linux offers more flexibility, more power, more control all at a lower TCO then either Apple or Microsoft. However finding the right Linux distribution could be a daunting task.  You can find Linux in almost every type of computing device active today.  From your desktop to your cell phone, Linux is everywhere and here to stay.

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