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Install Free SSL Certificates on your Website

SSL Certificates are not longer relevant for security concerns only. Google already announced it’s policy to priorize websites with SSL over unencrypted websites independently of their utility, which means, commercial transactions or information exchange are not longer a must for google to consider SSL as necessary. Fourtunately there are different …

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A tribute to Catalonia: Remembering Linkatedu

Thanks Noticias de Cataluña for the information Linkat is a linux distribution developed and offered by the Teaching Department for the educative community. It is an Open Source project which allows educative centers and institutions, and the whole society, to legally and freely access a wide suit of applications including …

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Linux vs BSD

What is this? I run FreeBSD on my computers. A lot of my friends run Linux, or at least one of the distributions of it. Naturally, then, we agree that a Unix-style operating system is the right choice, but we disagree on which to use. It’s been my impression that …

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