how to get mine coins in minecraft

Regardless, the only real way to get Minecoins reliably and consistently is by paying for them with real money. It’s important to beware that while there are content creators and other entities that giveaway Minecoins frequently, there are a number of scams going on as well. If you’ve purchased a Minecoins gift card then you need to take the code from the back and redeem it before you can see your balance in your account.

The most straightforward approach to getting these Minecoins is by buying them. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to earn them without spending a dime. They require a little investment of your time and, if you try them all, you could end up with more Minecoins than what you needed. Stay tuned with Tweaker Zone for more exciting tips, tricks, and recipes to craft lanterns and trapdoors in Minecraft to improve your Minecraft gameplay.

  1. The best thing about these contests is that you can get a lot of free Minecoins at once.
  2. There are a number of contests and programs where you can earn Minecoins.
  3. Since Minecraft is one of the most educational games, it lets you show your creativity.
  4. PointsPrizes offers a guaranteed method you can use to get free Minecraft coins.

Below I have explained the steps along with pictures to help you purchase Minecoins on your gaming console. Searching for the best free Minecoin generators will fetch a lot of results, and it’s natural to feel happy about it. However, these generators are not legit, and unfortunately, you won’t get Minecoins for free.

This article will find five legit ways to earn Minecoins for free. No matter what Minecraft version you prefer playing, these methods work for all of them. Your ZoomBucks reward earnings can also be used to get free Minecraft coins. If you created something unique or valuable in Minecraft, other players might be interested in buying it from you. So if you want to sell your creations, you can apply to become a Minecraft Marketplace partner.

Are Minecoin Generators Legit?

To start with this reward program all you have to do is google “Microsoft Rewards” and go to its page. You will need a Microsoft account, which is also required to play Minecraft so the chances are that you already have one. Yes, you can get Minecoins for free, even without spending a dime. Moreover, you can only earn a few Minecoins in a day, and collecting many Minecoins to buy skins and texture packs may take time. The first is to click the + icon next to your Minecoins balance and purchase a pack using your credit/debit card or other online payment option. Minecoincs are primarily used in the Marketplace to buy addons, DLC, packs and other content to enhance your Minecraft experience.

how to get mine coins in minecraft

To redeem your Minecoins code, you need to go to There, you can enter your code and the coins should become available on your account when you next log in. Using Minecoins is the best way to purchase packs and skins in the Minecraft marketplace because it allows you to bypass unfair market prices set in some countries. It guarantees that all items cost the same amount regardless of where you are or what currency you use. They are linked to your Xbox Live account, and purchasing them is much easier than you might expect.

Minecoins are the premium virtual currency Mojang devised for Minecraft. You’ll know them when you seem them across Minecraft’s various as a yellow circle with an M in the middle. You’d be forgiven for mistaking them for Mario coins, honestly.

Earn Free Minecraft Coins With Pointsprizes

Currently, the Java version of Minecraft does not offer Minecoins because the content created for this version is generally freely accessible to the public. To get Minecoins for your Minecraft account, follow the instructions below. You will require various amounts of reward coins – called Minecoins – if you wish to purchase premium content on Minecraft.

how to get mine coins in minecraft

Watching videos, playing games, and referring PointPrizes to your friends can also help you earn more rewards. However, this rewards program is only beneficial for users in the United States or Europe, as they get a high number of surveys each day. Minecoins is a type of in-game currency you need to make purchases from the Minecraft Marketplace. Using these coins, you can buy a lot of stuff, including texture packs, crates, worlds, and skins. Moreover, you can purchase super-cool stuff created by other players using Minecoins.

#5. Create and Sell Objects to Get Minecoins in Minecraft

When you load up the Marketplace, you’ll notice that almost every item has a Minecoins price listed. You can see how many Minecoins you have at the top right portion of the storefront’s UI. Note also that although tokens are the official in-game currency for the PS4 Minecraft version, they have the same price value as Minecoins. Whenever you purchase content from the online marketplace, the equivalent value of Minecoins will be deducted from your Xbox LIVE account.

How to use Minecoins?

Minecraft is an 8-bit pixelated sandbox indie game that already has millions of MMORPG enthusiasts all over the world falling in love with its brilliant game modes & unique graphics. Therefore, the number of Minecoins you need will depend on what you are aiming to purchase.

#4. Participate in Contests and Programs

Microsoft Rewards is another legit reward program you can use to buy Minecoins for free. There are simple and easy tasks the users are required to do, and in return, they get rewards that are redeemable for buying in-game currencies such as Minecoins. There are a couple of advantages to using Minecoins over your regular debit or credit card to make Marketplace purchases. For starters, your in-game Minecraft balance is a secure virtual wallet that can’t be turned into real money nor can it be transferred to somebody else’s account. This means that once you have Minecoins, they can be used whenever you want to. There have been some competitions and special offers that have granted players free Minecoins.

You also need to find the specific youtubers that do it and, on top of that, you have to be lucky to win the contests. Now that you know how to get free Minecoins, you can start collecting them and making purchases within the Minecraft app. All the ways that I have listed in this article are legit and safe. Many gamers create fantastic worlds, skins, and other custom stuff in Minecraft that they trade for Minecoins. However, the process may take some time, as creating a world is not a piece of cake. There are a number of contests and programs where you can earn Minecoins.

Marketplace partners can sell their digital Minecraft assets (like maps, mods and buildings for example) in exchange of Minecoins. Follow these steps to sign-up with this rewards program, and start earning free rewards today. The most important advantage of Minecoins, however, is that regardless of regional currency, the price of content on the Marketplace in Minecoins is always the same. This way, you can pick up Minecoin gift card deals from a variety of regions and potentially get them for cheaper.

Be careful when you try to find quick ways to earn Minecoins online. It is very easy to find on Google or Youtube ways to get infinite Minecoins through glitches or generator websites. Those methods are shared by people that want you to click on their website or their Youtube channel for an easy view.