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Windows and Facebook: the biggest phishing attacks in the history

windows and facebook as phising

“…your Twitter account is one of a small group of accounts that may have been targeted by state-sponsored actors. We believe that these actors (possibly associated with the government) may have been trying to obtain information such as email addresses, IP addresses and/or phone numbers. At this time, we have …

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Build Slackware Kernel – By

build slackware kernel

Linux Kernel • slackware Compiling Slackware Kernel Originally posted at by Ivan Vanney Building Slackware’s kernel Sometimes the operating system does not support our hardware by default, or we just want to remove support of hardware we don´t need. Lately Linux users forgot about this post installation task which once was very …

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Installing Slackware by

How to install slackware

Installation Guide • slackware Install Slackware Linux Distribution 1 week ago by Ivan Vanney “Slackware Linux is the most ancient living Linux distribution, considered the first choice for real, or for old school, hackers and most professional sysadmins, I think Slackware is the safest and faster Linux distribution. Slackware is the most Unix …

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