Cooper says that he drinks soda at bars instead of alcohol which helps him stay sober. Eminem’s most recent studio album, “Music to Be Murdered By,” was released in 2020. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in March, Dr. Dre teased that the “Real Slim Shady” singer is working on a new album, “which is coming out this year.” “It was my decision to get clean,” Eminem raps on the 2010 track.

While many musicians struggle with drugs and alcohol, others choose to remain sober or get clean after experiences with addiction. There are many sober rappers in the hip hop community. Some famous rappers who don’t drink or do drugs went to rehab while other sober rappers quit cold turkey. A few famous rap stars who are sober even inspired other hip hop stars to kick their addictions for good. He points to writers like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey, Edgar Allan Poe and Lord Byron, known for espousing the use of mind-altering substances in their work. Whether they’re mentioned on the radio, seen in music videos, or smuggled into concerts, drugs are pretty much unavoidable in the genre.

Rappers Who Are Drug-Free

Find out which rappers abstain from drug usage of any sort. Back in 2022, Eminem opened up about his past addiction and eventual recovery in an essay published by XXL. According to the “Lose Yourself” rapper, he started taking pills following the release of 1999’s The Slim Shady LP. Five years later, things took a turn for the worse after Em dropped another No. 1 album, 2002’s The Eminem Show, and had begun working on what would become 2004’s Encore. When you picture the lives of your favorite famous singers you might imagine them popping bottles of champagne after their sold out concerts or drinking Grey Goose at A-List parties. Included in the post, which had no caption, was a photo of Eminem holding a sobriety chip in his hand.

Quaranta chronicles Brown’s journey starting from scratch after substance abuse wrecked his life. “I was really just thinking about my mortality a lot,” he says on a call with NPR. “I was in a dark place.” The album is pensive and desolate. He’s reckoning with all that he’s lost, and, after finally going sober, figuring out how to stay joyful while remaining present. “I had a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong,” he admits. “But when is the party going to be over? You can’t be 40-years-old and still in the club. The party don’t have to stop, but the party is gonna stop you.”

Sober Rappers Who Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

Sobriety is not a daily struggle, but it is a daily effort. When I talk about it, I get a spiritual reprieve. If I’m not reaching out to others, being of service, going to meetings, working the steps, I will eventually forget how bad it gets. I will end up thinking that a drug is the best solution to take me out of whatever momentary pain I’m in. There’s this false notion that musicians are at their best when they are using a ton of drugs — that’s how they channel the spirit.

Last year he shared a photo on social media of a coin celebrating 11 years of sobriety with the inscribed words “to thine own self be true.” The rapper wrote then that he’s “still not afraid.” Having grown up in Compton, Kendrick Lamar smoked and drank a bit as a teenager. Dot’s dad gave him advice that would change his lifestyle. Lamar recalled the conversation he had with his father in an interview with SPIN’s Jessica Hopper. “I don’t smoke, period.” Lamar told Complex magazine.

Eminem is ‘not afraid’ as he celebrates 12 years of sobriety: ‘Clean dozen in the books!’

I know that a lot of Americans can’t, or they can’t afford to take the time off work. We need to get people into treatment and CLEAN Cause is doing that, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Yeah, Young Chop doesn’t rap, but it’s worth noting that the “Hate Being Sober” producer doesn’t smoke weed or drink. All irony aside, it’s nice to see that the Chicago beatsmith doesn’t partake in any of Chief Keef’s wild shenanigans. Although Chop doesn’t do drugs, he does enjoy smoking hookah while in the studio.

Eminem celebrates 16 years of sobriety with a new recovery chip: ‘So proud of you’ – USA TODAY

Eminem celebrates 16 years of sobriety with a new recovery chip: ‘So proud of you’.

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